10 Neighborhoods To Move In Los Angeles CA

Are you dreaming to live in a city of angels? Well, who wouldn’t! It is one of the most desirable places to live in the world, not only in the United States. Once you made a big decision, you should learn more about options you have around the city, since Los Angeles is huge. So, before typing on your internet search for the best movers in Los Angeles CA, get prepared for your new life!

Picking a neighborhood in Los Angeles is a real project since there are many things to consider – where your workplace is because traffic in the city of Los Angeles is not something you want to deal with daily, quality of life, whether you are moving with the family or as a young professional seeking a party etc. Don’t forget to think about your moving budget, because it is not the same if you live in one of the central neighborhoods or you choose to live a bit further away in order to save some money.

We prepared a list of our top 10 neighborhoods to consider when moving and we must say, it wasn’t a simple task since there are too many options. Our goal was to come up with an idea for everyone’s budget.

  1. Hollywood

We can’t start with anything less than a symbol of Los Angeles. As the song says – ‘Everybody comes to Hollywood’ and it is true, we can’t argue that! Hollywood is a great choice for those who are looking for a neighborhood that has big city energy while everything is within walking distance. It is a center of a film industry and therefore there are many job opportunities in the entertainment field. Hollywood is home to Netflix, Viacom and some smaller start-up companies such as WeWork, Second Home and NeueHouse.

This neighborhood is constantly growing and recently it has added thousands of new apartments. But don’t worry, it is not everything so shiny and new and if you want to live in Hollywood on a budget, you will still be able to find studios and one bedroom apartments in a price range between $1,500 to $2,200.

If you are looking for an urban neighborhood with a Trader Joe’s, old movie houses and contemporary cinemas, bars and fancy rooftops – this is a place for you! Hollywood is packed with people day and night!

  1. Beverly Hills

Probably the neighborhood that is even more popular than Hollywood – Beverly Hills. When you think of luxury, high-end life, glamorous homes, you will think of this neighborhood. And you will be completely right! You might be surprised, but Beverly Hills is actually a small neighborhood with a pretty normal lifestyle of its residents. When you get up in the morning, you will see many people jogging, walking or performing any other type of exercise in order to remain fit. Believe it or not, it is a close-knit community where people are making their lifetime friends.

Beverly Hills is a nice and peaceful community with high-end boutiques and luxury cars and homes. It doesn’t even require much introduction because we believe you already know almost everything about it. However, living here comes with a price and that price is 5 times higher than the rest of the California. Oh yeah, 5 times indeed! The median home value in Beverly Hills is almost $4,000,000. But if you can afford it – you will love it!

  1. Santa Monica

Santa Monica is definitely a city of its own that can offer some of Los Angeles’ finest cuisine and nightlife. It is located on the Pacific Ocean where is the iconic Santa Monica Pier – one of the most popular destinations that tourists visit once they come to Los Angeles. Not only is it located by the sea, but it is surrounded by majestic mountains, picturesque canyons, rolling hills and valleys. Together with the sparkling ocean and amazing weather throughout the year makes Santa Monica heaven on earth!

The architecture of the neighborhood is just breathtaking! Pacific Wheel at the Santa Monica Pier is iconic to say the least. It’s been featured in numerous films and not to mention hundreds of thousands of Instagram snaps. The neighborhood itself has to offer many amenities and events all year long. Not just that, but you will be able to enjoy first-class shopping and dining all year long.

Living in Santa Monica is not cheap, but it is not that expensive like living in Beverly Hills. On the other hand, we all know that living on the beach reduces stress and it is definitely worth it!

  1. Venice

Venice is the community with many nicknames – Dogtown, Coney Island of the Pacific, Venice of America are just some of them. If you are moving with the family, this is the right choice for you! There are no words to describe this magical, tight-knit community that is a cultural hub of Los Angeles. There are many artists, musicians and families living in this urban, beachside neighborhood. And it is located on the beach, which itself  is a solid reason to move to Venice. Breakwater Beach, in particular, is a local favorite for catching waves. Fun fact about Venice – it is a place where cult rock band The Doors was born. It is easy to have fun in Venice, no matter your age. There are many reasons why you will love living in Venice!

  1. Alhambra

Believe it or not, Los Angeles can offer you an affordable neighborhood with a small town feel. If you are looking for something similar – check out Alhambra. Alhambra is a perfect choice for those who want to live in Los Angeles, but still get that suburban feel. It is easy to get around and the neighborhood is walkable with many restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters and shopping options. Fun fact is that in Alhambra you can find the best Chinese food in Los Angeles.

Buying a home is possible for a decent sum of money – $600,000 and more.

  1. Alamitos Beach

Tired of sitting in your car and looking for something more slow-paced? Alamitos Beach is the right place for you! In Alamitos Beach you can find a property even more affordable than in Alhambra and you will have a beach access. Sounds like a good deal. Alamitos Beach hugs the coast and is lined with tree-studded streets. It’s packed with local businesses and restaurants, and at its northeastern edge is Retro Row—a fun strip of vintage stores, boutiques, and a small movie theater.

  1. El Segundo

Charming small town with beach access and well-connected with the action, El Segundo is just perfect for those who are not sure what they want. It is a relatively affordable neighborhood where you can find a beach house with a very decent price. The neighborhood is packed with restaurants, bars and it is also home to the Old Town Music Hall. You will love your new life in El Segundo where you will feel laid back from the first moment.

  1. Culver City

Culver City is one of the hottest areas to move to in Los Angeles. It is a central hub for entertainment, production and fashion. Home to many studios, such as Sony, National Public Radio and the NFL Network. It is a spot where creative minds of Los Angeles come to live. There are many activities, fantastic restaurants, arts and cultural events throughout the year. At the same time, Culver City has highly rated schools and an active nightlife scene, which makes it perfect for everyone!

  1. Tujunga

If you are looking for something completely different than urban Hollywood where everyone’s rushing around, consider Tujunga. This neighborhood will offer you to run away from Los Angeles while staying within the city borders. Like much of Los Angeles, Tujunga was mostly farmland, in this case orchards and vineyards, before it was carved up into residential tracts. But while the rest of Los Angeles buzzes, Tujunga has managed to remain untouched for much of its recent history and maintains a rustic air, with some streets devoid of sidewalks. Tujunga is one of the most affordable neighborhoods (for now). And it is close to everything that you need around the city.

  1. Mid-City

If your number one priority when looking for a neighborhood in Los Angeles to move to is location, look no more. There is nothing more central than Mid-City. From Mid-City, it’s relatively easy to get across much of Los Angeles, including to the clogged Westside. You can reach the museums on Miracle Mile; the restaurants, bars, and shops in Culver City; the trails in Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park; and the major venues in Downtown LA. But there are reasons to stay in the neighborhood too.The architecture of the neighborhood is amazing and you will be able to find many different styles when it comes to your home. Food options are various and you will get a chance to meet many cultures thanks to it.

Mid-City is a perfect neighborhood for young professionals seeking a career!

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